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Legislative History: Step by Step (NC Legislative Library)

Legislative History in North Carolina (NC Supreme Court Library)

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Table of Library holdings including bill histories, committee minutes, bills, economic interest statements, introducers lists and term word indexes.

Legislative Committee Minutes
Click to view Library holdings of standing and non-standing committee minutes by year and name of committee in both paper and microfilm formats.

Note: Legislative committee minutes are not a verbatim transcript of what was said in the committee, the minutes are a synopsis prepared by the clerk of the committee.

Bill Histories (1973-1984)

Bill Histories 1985-forward are available by selecting the year and entering the bill number into the "Find A Bill" search box in the header of the main NCGA webpage.

Vote Information

Study Reports Held by the Legislative Library

Superseded General Statutes and Pre-1943 Codes

Statutory Law and Legislation (NC)

Budget Information (NC)

How an Idea Becomes a Law (NC)


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