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The Program Evaluation Division (PED) is a central, non-partisan unit of the Legislative Services Commission of the North Carolina General Assembly that assists the General Assembly in fulfilling its responsibility to oversee government functions. The mission of the Program Evaluation Division is to evaluate whether public services are delivered in an effective and efficient manner and in accordance with the law. The Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee oversees formal evaluation of state agency programs by the Program Evaluation Division.


The date, time, and location of the next meeting of the Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee is TBD.


The status of each of our current evaluations is updated on a weekly basis.


During its 2017 legislative session, the North Carolina General Assembly enacted legislation derived from four reports published by PED.


The Program Evaluation Division now provides two means of examining state programs—evaluations and measurability assessments. Whereas evaluations are in-depth studies conducted of existing state programs to determine whether they are effective and efficient and in accordance with the law, measurability assessments determine whether new and existing state programs collect the performance information necessary to inform any future inquiries into their effectiveness and efficiency.

PED has issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to pre-qualify a pool of potential assessors from which the Division will assign assessments for its new measurability assessment program. PED will be recruiting continuously through December 18, 2017 and may extend the deadline.

The General Assembly enacted the Measurability Assessment Act, NC G.S. 143E, in 2016. The law requires the Program Evaluation Division to contract with independent assessors to assess whether new or existing programs or pilot projects are “measurable”, i.e. lower risk and capable of reporting return on investment. Assessors will assess programs or pilots designated directly by the General Assembly or by the Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee through the statutory PED work plan. The law states that agencies and programs assessed will reimburse PED for the cost of the assessment.


As required by Section 25.1 of S.L. 2016-94, PED has contracted with an outside entity, MGT of America Consulting, LLC to (i) perform an independent assessment of school construction needs and (ii) determine which of the local school administrative units have the highest facility needs in relation to their capacity to raise revenue to meet those needs.

Recent Reports

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Medicaid Program Integrity Section is Not Cost-Effectively Identifying and Preventing Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
Funding for North Carolina’s Community Colleges: A Description of the Current Formula and Potential Methods to Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness
PED’s Review of the North Carolina Guaranteed Admissions Program (NCGAP) Report
Timeliness of Medicaid Eligibility Determinations Declined Due to Challenges Imposed by NC FAST and Affordable Care Act Implementation
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