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Senator Phil Berger (Rep)
Introduced Bills, 2013-2014 Session

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Total Bills: 7
Member is Primary Sponsor of bills in bold
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BillShort TitleActionDateAction Text
S7  (= H50) Honor Don East. R 06/19/2013 Ch. Res 2013-15
S15  (= H262) Honor Jean Preston. R 06/20/2013 Ch. Res 2013-16
S35  (= H46) Honor Ed Jones. R 05/07/2013 Ch. Res 2013-10
S361 Excellent Public Schools Act of 2013. S 04/11/2013 Re-ref Com On Appropriations/Base Budget
S669 Reduce the Individual Income Tax Rate. S 04/03/2013 Ref To Com On Finance
S729  (= H1228) Coal Ash Management Act of 2014. R 09/20/2014 Ch. SL 2014-122
S885 UNC BOG Vacancy Election. S 07/29/2014 Adopted